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Kas district of Antalya is an attractive holiday region with both things to do and places to visit. It is not possible to limit Kaş district to summer months. It is one of the points that can be frequented in all four seasons. Kaş district, known for its clean sea and warm people, is also the center of many activities. If we take a look at the details in the Kas travel guide in this article, there are many things we can say.
There are many things that can be said in terms of history and culture as well as activities that can be done in Kaş. This region, which hosts thousands of tourists every year, is the owner of many cultural events. Many regions and dishes of Turkey are introduced with cultural festivals held for the development of tourism. In addition, an economical and peaceful holiday awaits you for those who want to come on holiday.

Activities to Do in Kaş

Activities That Can Be Done in Muscle

Before setting your Kas travel guide plan, you can take a look at what to do in Kas by doing a little research. If you have come to Antalya’s Kaş district for a holiday or to visit, you may have noticed that there are many activities you can do. The first of these activities is diving with the Caretta Caretta. Kekova region is one of the places where you can go diving. However, since there is no road transportation to Kekova region, you can go by renting a private boat.
Another activity you can do in Kaş is camping. You can spend a peaceful camping period intertwined with nature in an area by the sea. One of the activities that should be on your Kas travel guide list is walking on the Lycian Way. You may want to watch the magnificent view and walk by looking at the ruins of the Lycian civilization.
The last stop of your to-do list may be to visit ancient cities. You may want to see the ruins of Patara, Kekova and Xanthos, which are among the most important ancient cities. You can learn a lot about ancient cities while you are visiting.

Places to Visit in Kas

Kas, one of the rarest districts of the Mediterranean region, is among the places that must be visited in Turkey due to its underwater, historical and natural beauties. Kaş district, which should be on your travel route, has many places to see.

Fethiye Saklikent Canyon

The spring water of the Bey Mountains is located inside the Saklıkent canyon and the length of the canyon is 15 kilometers. To go to Saklikent canyon, you need to proceed from Saklikent arch junction.

Lycian Ancient Cities

You can visit Kas to discover the history of the Lydian civilization. cities of the Lydian civilization; Patara appears as Olympos, Myra, Pinara and Xanthos. These ancient cities are located close to Kaş district.

Castle Village and Simena Castle

Kaleköy, with its flowery streets and the cinema castle on the high hill, is one of the places that looks like it came out of fairy tale books. Quite a few people live in the village settlement of Kale. The cinema castle is one of the places that greets its visitors with its exquisite view. There are other places you should see during your trip to Kaş. You can continue to travel by turning your route to these places.


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